Our 2020 Preliminary Agenda

    Updated Nov. 25, 2019

    Monday, March 9

    Conference starts at 8:30 am


    Opening remarks

    Speakers: Andrew Martin, Shari Donnermeyer, Nancy Lane

    Scene Setter: Welcome to the Roaring ‘20s

    Will the Amazon boogeyman get you? Have you joined the millions of others selling OTT yet? Are you watching out for the stupid money? As the decade begins, Gordon Borrell opens the conference with his view of the path ahead and how the conference program addresses the biggest concerns.

    Speaker: Gordon Borrell

    KEYNOTE: The ABCs of Marketing Don’t Apply to Gen Y and Z

    Those in their 20s and 30s account for more than one-third of consumers, and their spending power is growing fast. But how do you reach them? Youth marketing expert, best-selling author, and agency entrepreneur Matt Britton offers a fascinating, high-energy look at the reinvention of marketing beyond spots, dots, print, and banners. Is there opportunity at the local level to tap this rising bubble of young consumers?  You bet!

    Speaker:  Matt Britton, CEO/founder, Suzy

    Keynote: Tough Lessons from a CEO: Dismantling & Retooling for the Future

    If any CEO knows the difficulties in retooling a large, century-old media business for the digital future, it’s Joe Walsh.  In the past five years he’s restructured and rebuilt the nation’s largest yellow page company into a $1.5 billion digital powerhouse called Thryv, now serving more than 400,000 local businesses. As CEO, he’s had to make some tough decisions about people, products, what to invest in, and what to shut down.  He’ll discuss not only what it takes to retool for the future, but also the consequences companies face if they forestall those tough decisions.

    Speaker:  Joe Walsh, CEO of Thryv

    Keynote: Amazon, Coming At You: Bracing for the 3rd Wave

    Google represented the first wave in the 2000s. Facebook was the second, dominating the 2010s. How will Amazon – already taking $10 billion in ad revenue — dominate the 2020s? In this session, ecommerce and digital marketing expert Will Margaritis outlines how marketers are taking advantage of Amazon advertising capabilities. How is Amazon mobilizing marketing technology companies and ad agencies, and how is it likely to affect other media?

    Speaker: Will Margaritis, SVP of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing, Sellwin Consulting/Dentsu Aegis

    Rapid-Fire Case Studies

    Up to eight “best of the best” marketing technology and industry partners deliver case studies in rapid succession, showing the results they’ve been able to drive for clients.

    Speakers:  TBA

    LUNCH (12:30-1:30 PM)


    Three simultaneous tracks explore key growth opportunities: video, Amazon services, and Podcasting/Voice Search. Each starts with a session on the basics – designed to get the audience up to speed and to offer graphics and other information suitable for marketing kits. Each track will have three 40-minute sessions.


    • The Basics: Become a Video Expert in Less Than an Hour
    • Selling into the OTT Platforms
    • Tired of Piddling: Where the Big Money is in Video


    Audio Streaming by the Numbers

    Get ready to take notes and capture pictures of the slides. Audio expert Steve Goldstein offers a scene-setting look at the latest stats on podcasting, voice search, smart speakers, and all the ways marketing and advertising has begun intertwining itself.

    Speaker:  Steve Goldstein, Aplifi Media
    Squeezing Money from the Podcasting Monster
    Sure, it’s called podcasting. But what it really amounts to is radio programming on demand. And demand has exploded. This session features those who’ve actually launched podcasts. Their experiences will help lift the veil on the emerging business model, the ROI of what can be a production-heavy program, and how advertisers value the audiences that podcasts are reaching.
    Speakers: TBA


    Voice Search and Voice Response: What’s the future, and where’s the money?

    In case you haven’t noticed, our very mobile society is finding it more and more convenient to bark commands to audio-ready devices instead of using their fingers. Advertisers understand the concept of “search.” So how can you tie them into this new audio environment?

    Speakers: TBA

    Networking Cocktail Reception (5-7 pm)

    Tuesday, March 10

    Conference starts at 8:30 am




    Scene-Setter: The Broad, Complex, Dynamic Marketing Environment (Demystified)

    This no-holds-barred session examines the latest trends on where audiences are turning and how it’s affecting local marketing budgets, with a eye toward where ad-buyers are seeing their greatest ROI.

    Speakers: Corey Elliott, EVP, Borrell Associates

    KEYNOTE:  The Future According to Comscore

    When Comscore acquired Rentrak and put its CEO in charge of the merged company, it signaled a new focus on video screens.  CEO Bill Livek offers rich insights of how consumers move across more than 600 million screens, from theaters to living rooms to office desks to coffee shops. What does a “multiplatform future” look like, and how can will marketers adapt to less-than-patient consumers who are more apt to “Skip Ad” than be patient?

    Speaker:  Bill Livek, CEO, Comscore

    The Local Ad Agency Perspective

    How are agencies viewing the world these days? This session features executives from three regional agency who will discuss what they want from their media partners and which budgets they see as most vulnerable.

    Panelists: TBA


    Two simultaneous tracks explore ways to diversify revenue beyond traditional forms of advertising sales. Each track features four 40-minute sessions.



    • What Drives Consumers to Buy Information?
    • Digital Subscriptions: Where it’s working best
    • Are digital subs sustainable in small/midsize markets?
    • Consumer Revenue Strategies for Broadcasters


    • Home Improvement
    • Automotive
    • Health Care
    • Real Estate

    LUNCH (12:30-1:30 PM)


    Rapid-Fire Case Studies

    Up to eight “best of the best” marketing technology and industry partners deliver case studies in rapid succession, showing the results they’ve been able to drive for clients.

    Speakers: TBA

    Channeling Local Advertisers

    Always the most popular session, a panel of local and regional advertisers reveal how they’re changing their buying patterns and how local media companies can help them. Here’s where the rubber meets the road.

    Panelists:  Gordon Borrell (moderator); panelists TBA



    Observations and Key Takeaways from 2 Days of Full Immersion

    With a lot of help from attendees, this session boils it all down. What was most interesting? What was BS? What are the biggest takeaways you’ll bring home?

    Panelists: Corey Elliott, Jim Brown, & the audience


    Conference Ends at 3:00 p.m.


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