Presentations & Videos

    Our 2020 conference has concluded. Presentations are now available below. Some presenters have requested that their slides not be distributed and are not listed here.  Photos can be viewed here and videos of the recorded sessions will be available in late April.

    Monday Presentations

    Gordon Borrell – Welcome to the Roaring 20s

    Matt Britton – ABCs of Mktg Don’t Apply to Gen Y/ Z

    Joe Walsh – Dismantling & Retooling for the Future

    Track 1

    Bill Day – What Drives Consumers to Buy?

    Alan Fisco – Digital Subscriptions & Philanthropy Journalism

    Pete Doucette; Liz White; Lisa DeSisto; Nancy Lane- Are Subscriptions Sustainable in Small/Midsize Markets?

    Consumer Revenue Strategies for Broadcasters

    Catherine Badalamente

    John Conway

    Jed Williams

    Track 2

    Noah Jacobson – What’s Available

    John Hyland; Jae Scarborough; Dan Scherer – How to Tap Generational Difference

    April Dauzat; Roger Garringer- Maintaining Creativity in Today’s ‘Measurement Culture’

    Track 3

    Steven Goldstein- Audio by the Numbers

    Wheeler MorrisHow to Build a Podcasting Audience and Make Money

    Find Your Voice (and $) With Smart Speakers

    Brett Kinsella

    Will Mayo

    Tuesday Presentations

    Taryn Tatarinowicz – We’ll Show You the Money

    Corey Elliott – The Broad, Complex, Dynamic Marketing Environment (Demystified)

    Will Margaritis – Amazon’s Advertising Play

    Amy Adams Harding – Let Data Drive Your KPIs

    Michael Beach – The State of the Screens

    Bill Caudill – Are Local Advertisers Buying the Cross-Platform Story?

    Jared Merves; Julia Campbell – Could Branded Content Become the Next Advertising?

    Todd Handy – Mr. Handy’s Big Idea

    Monday’s Rapid Fire Sessions

    Greg Heiman – Site Impact

    Brian Gorman- iPublish

    Jonathan Muzio – Adcellerant

    Barry Miller- Gimbal

    Dick van Helsema – OpsCo

    Rick Rogers –TownNews