“THE PATH TO 2032″


March 6-8, 2022 – Miami Hilton Downtown

Thank you for joining us for a phenomenal conference. From over 25 presentations, we saw a vision of 2032 and how we can develop a path to get there. You’ll find the presentations and recorded videos below. Please note: This page will continue to be updated as we receive more content. 


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Over the past two decades, the Internet has recrafted the media landscape in two distinct waves triggered by two economic cycles. We’ve just entered a third wave, triggered by the pandemic. Gordon Borrell will describe what the landscape is likely to look like in 2032, and how forces such as demographics, altered work habits, buying habits, and technology are pushing us toward the final stages of the democratization of media channels.

SPEAKER:  Gordon Borrell, Founder, Borrell Associates

Getting There: A Path To The Future

Keying off our first presentation, we’ve asked Scott Anthony to offer his view on how companies can navigate the coming decade. Scott is a founding partner of Innosight, where he’s spent the past 20 years helping leaders design new growth strategies, build innovation capabilities, navigate disruptive innovation, and manage strategic transformation. He’s written eight books, including “Eat, Sleep, Innovate” (2020), and “Dual Transformation” (2017), which describe how forward-thinking organizations can navigate disruptive change and own the future. He will address how even the smallest of companies can navigate tricky transformation to become world-class businesses.

SPEAKER:  Scott Anthony, Founding Partner, Innosight*

*Speaking live via televideo from Singapore.

Townsquare’s Transformation

Formed from a bankrupt radio group in 2010, Townsquare has emerged as a shining example of transformation. Its Trojan Horse strategy to buy small-market radio stations to drive its digital initiatives has paid big dividends. CEO Bill Wilson describes how the company has navigated dual transformation with its 322 radio stations in 67 cities, and its fast-growing separate division called Townsquare Interactive.

SPEAKER: Bill Wilson, CEO, Townsquare Media

With a Different Vision, Newspapers Become a Growth Opportunity

It’s hard to imagine that someone would launch a newspaper just as the industry began its precipitous decline — and harder still to comprehend that it could grow over 17 years from one publication to 36, serving 2.5 million readers. This session features the energetic, entrepreneurial founder of Community Impact Newspaper who continues to defy gravity by building a hyperlocal news operation serving print and digital readers in Texas, Arizona, and Tennessee.

SPEAKER: John Garrett, CEO & Founder, Community Impact Newspaper

Future Media Moguls: Bring On the Influencers

Some media companies are placing bets on a rising media star: the influencer. Salem has created the Salem Influencer Network, and Scripps has invested in Misfits Gaming Group, an esports company that recently expanded with the creation of influencer marketing agency. This session features the Chief Strategy Officer of Misfits, who will discuss the strategy behind Unpause Media, the agency that aims to bridge the gap between generational audiences and brand partners.

Speaker: Hussain Moosvi, CSO, Misfits Gaming Group

Rapid-Fire Case Studies

Get ready for a fast-paced session of ideas on how to generate new revenue. This session features a half-dozen five-minute case studies of dynamic, profitable programs presented in rapid-fire succession. This is one of the most popular features of Borrell’s event.

SPEAKERS: Kim Safran, VP Sales, iPublish Media Solutions; Sarah Belleau, Director of Partner Growth, Frequence; Dan Scherer, VP of Channel Partnerships, Infillion; Melissa Sheehan, CRO, AdCellerant; Julian Frachtman, CEO, Airtory; Kevin Gianatiempo, Media Mint


The afternoon features nine drill-down sessions from which to choose. The breakouts are arranged in three themed sessions in adjacent presentation rooms. Each session features three to four panel presentations in an interactive setting with ample opportunity to ask questions.

Strategies for Streaming Video, OTT, CTV Sponsored By:

Local advertisers will spend $21 billion this year on streamed-video advertising, twice as much as they spend on local broadcast TV spots. Where’s it coming from, and how can you tap it? Three 45-minute panel discussions will draw on the expertise and success of those on the front lines.

Strategies for Streaming Video, OTT, CTV: Downloads

Jesse McCambridge SMB Revenue for Video

Running a Successful Digital Agency Sponsored By:

Running a successful digital agency is a fierce business. There’s an average of more than two dozen in each market across the U.S. and Canada – all competing for the hearts and minds of local businesses. For this track, we’ve put together three 45-minute sessions addressing key strategies, product profitability, what to outsource, how to win new customers, and how to wallop the competition.

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Four 40-minute panel discussions will address:


An Army of Novice Marketers

Brace yourselves: An army of 20-somethings are storming the advertising world. Local research guru Corey Elliott has studied the phenomenon and describes how novice marketers are likely to view things, and whom they are teaming with as they evolve into masters.

SPEAKER:  Corey Elliott, EVP of Local Market Intelligence, Borrell Associates

What the Future Holds for Local Auto Dealer Advertising

The past two years have been the most dizzying in automotive history. Sticker prices are up, ad spending is down, new cars are sold before they arrive on the lot, and used cars face unprecedented demand. Yet, there’s great opportunity for those who can help local dealerships alter their marketing to meet automotive’s new norm. The founder and CEO of one of the nation’s leading marketing services and technology companies for local dealerships offers his insights on the future of dealer advertising.

SPEAKER:  John Fitzpatrick, President/CEO of Force Marketing

State of the Screens, 2022

Video advertising is booming, with more than $34 billion forecast to be spent this year by local businesses across TV, cable, and OTT channels. Remarkably, 60% is forecast to be spent on OTT. In this “State of the Screens” presentation, video analyst Michael Beach lays out the major trends in viewing, interactivity, and response rates, and where he sees things headed in 2022. The session will be followed by Q&A

SPEAKER:  Michael Beach, CEO, Cross Screen Media

Where Video is Headed in 2022: Rich Insights from 1 Billion Monthly Views

The video marketplace has exploded to the point where it’s likely to be the No. 1 local advertising format — beating out spending on paid search — within two years. Few companies have as much insight as STN Video, and few have the perspective of its CEO, Matthew Watson. STN Video owns exclusive rights to all of the major leagues’ digital video content, as well as distribution rights from 200 other top video producers in everything from news to lifestyle, distributed across more than 1,900 local sites. In this session, Watson will offer a glimpse of what he’s learned watching the explosive growth in online video and where he sees the opportunities for local media in 2022 and beyond.

SPEAKER:  Matthew Watson, CEO, STN Video

Recruiting the Right Talent

You’ve got the vision and strategy.  Now all you need is the right talent.  Finding them has been a major problem since the pandemic.  In this session, recruiting expert Robert Hawthorne lays out the results of a new Hawthorne/Borrell study on issues around recruiting managers, sales reps, and other personnel. He also offers tips on how today’s companies can attract top talent without having to offer top dollars.

SPEAKER:  Robert Hawthorne, President, Hawthorne Executive Search

Tackling Diversity & Inclusion

There’s been a lot of talk about striving for gender and racial diversity on staffs, but how can that be achieved at the local level – particularly in smaller, rural markets where it’s always more difficult to recruit?

SPEAKER:  Monique Akanbi, Field Services Director, Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM)

High-Growth Category: Online Gambling

Ad spending by online betting apps has skyrocketed, yet more growth is to come. Half of the states in the U.S. have yet to approve sports betting, and online gambling is available in only six. What does the future hold, and is there a “local” advertising play? Ezra Kucharz, Chief Business Officer of Draft Kings and former president of CBS Local Digital Media, offers his perspective.

SPEAKER:  Ezra Kucharz, Chief Business Officer, DraftKings

Preview of Borrell’s 2022 Local Advertiser Survey

What are we about to discover about local ad buyers? Borrell’s annual survey of local marketers – the largest local advertising survey in the nation – is about to kick off. Jim Brown gives a brief overview of what we’re asking this year, and why we’re asking it.

SPEAKER: Jim Brown, President, Borrell Associates

The Voice of Our Next-Generation of Marketers

How will those 20-somethings change the face of marketing and advertising?  This interactive, 90-minute session features six University of Miami marketing students who offer their views of the world. Moderated by their college professor, the panel will discuss the importance of influence marketing, the role of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, how they view print and broadcast media, and where they’d advise a business to spend their marketing dollars.

MODERATOR: M.J. Barnes, School of Communications, University of Miami
SPEAKERS: Ally Polner, Computer Science & Business Sustainability major; Ashleigh Lloyd, Marketing & Business Law major; Ayden Roche, Marketing & Entrepreneurship major; Mia Porter, Africana Studies & Sociology major; Samantha Frankel, Advertising major; Jared Harwin, Business Analytics major